Top 5 Lunch Spots in Downtown ATL

A little over a year ago, I accepted a new job in the downtown area of Atlanta. It’s no secret how much I love the city of Atlanta…our city is vibrant, diverse, and constantly growing and changing for the better. We are never bored and Atlanta has this special way of making you feel like you are in a quaint neighborhood, surrounded by lush trees and dozens of parks…

Seed-sational Snack Bites

I’ve been asked a few times on the specifics of our diet overhaul over the past few weeks. For me (and Evan by association), the way I change a habit or behavior is the “cold turkey” method. I do a complete 180 and try not to ever look back...

Your Health is #1

Today, I’m coming out of my “curvy girl and proud” closet. Or at least, sort of.I say “sort of” for a reason. I AM proud of my curvy and voluptuous figure. I love being full-figured. Sure, there’s that 10 or 15 lbs I would love to lose like everyone else, but I have no desire to fit into society’s definition of beautiful. I never have. But, of course, there is more than one layer to this story. 

Our Recent Trip to Savannah

Evan and I recently took a trip to “our hometown”: Savannah, GA! Evan and I both met and subsequently fell in love in Savannah, and though it may be tourist-y, it will always have a special place in our hearts.

Getting to 50/50

At the beginning of this year, I invested a good deal of time in creating meaningful New Year’s resolutions for my life, as well as resolutions for our relationship. The most important resolution for our relationship was for us to be on the same page, and have an equal footing in our roles to each other. In other words, being “50/50”.

Man-catching Salmon & Spring Pea Fettuccine

So this is our first post in over a year. I'll be honest, last year was a hard year for me, and it was hard to find inspiration to do anything I loved anymore. But for most of the year, I think we both felt like we were just chasing our own tails. Trying to make ends meet, trying to find time for each other, our friends, our passions. There never seemed to be a spare moment for anything else besides what was mandatory.

Grandma Angel's Gravy

If you grew up in an Italian household or have friends that did, you know how sacred “gravy” is. Gravy, to most Italian Americans, does not mean the brown stuff that you put on your turkey at Thanksgiving.